February 2008 News

Exploring Oil, Gas In Kashmir Will Bring Prosperity

19 February 2008

Srinagar: 'If oil and gas reserves were found in Kashmir and Pakistan, it would completely transform the economy of both and lead the people to prosperity'. This was revealed by Vice Chancellor, Jammu University, Prof Prof Amitabh Matoo in the winter capital, Jammu on Tuesday. Speaking to young school children on the eve of three day international conference for 'Hunting oil and gas in Kashmir and Pakistan', Prof Mattoo said that the striking of oil and gas in Kashmir and Pakistan is likely to give a boost to the economy of this region and especially Jammu and Kashmir state. 'If we succeeded to find Gas and Oil in this region it will completely transform our state and will lead us to prosperity like the Middle East,' he said. Prof Mattoo further said that other energy sources such as wind energy and solar energy could be utilized to conserve oil for the long term. 'Use of alternative sources of energy such as wind and solar energy should be taken on a priority basis to conserve the depletive source of Oil and Gas,' he said. He further said, 'The time has come when we all should think and work globally to save our planet earth. We should burn less of oil and gas which otherwise will lead to increase in temperature and climatic changes'. Prof Mattoo said, 'It is desirable to conserve Oil which will have dual effect of saving Oil and Gas as well as keeping climate of Earth Planet stable'. Others who spoke on the occasion were Jonthan Grag (Eni-Milan), SK Paracha (Wadia Institute), Jyotsana (BSIP) and Dr GM Bhat from JU. Fayaz Wani reports on life in Srinagar, Kashmir.

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