February 2008 News

Peace Has Returned To Kashmir: Azad

19 February 2008

Gulmarg: Claiming that peace has returned to Jammu and Kashmir, Chief Minister Ghulam Nabi Azad has appealed to people from across the globe to visit the state and see the change for themselves. 'While Gulmarg has always been peaceful, even during the years of turmoil, peace is prevailing in the rest of the state as well and visitors can come and see the change for themselves', Azad said while inaugurating the 5th National Winter Games. Refuting all the negative perceptions about the situation prevailing in the state Azad said it is peaceful and accessible to visitors from within and outside the country. Extending a warm welcome to the participants the Chief Minister said Kashmiris are known for the warmth of their hospitality, love, affection and care for guests. 'We welcome tourists from every part of the country and abroad.' He said it was a matter of great satisfaction that Gulmarg has always remained peaceful even during the turmoil of which the state was emerging out now. He requested the participants and tourists to act as ambassadors of Jammu and Kashmir and share their experiences with people across the country and abroad and tell them how peaceful, beautiful and hospitable the state is. He said this would encourage others to visit the state and go back with pleasant memories.

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