February 2008 News

'Dark Era Of Exploitative Politics Is Over In J&K' : Mehbooba

6 February 2008

Jammu: Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) President, Ms Mehbooba Mufti has said that political stability is imperative for the State's economic prosperity. 'PDP has, through its people-oriented agenda, already laid strong foundations for the State's political stabilization, which would be further consolidated to realize the objective of inclusive peace, dignity and prosperity for our people,' she said. Addressing a public meeting at Raipur Domana here today, Ms Mufti said the political uncertainty dotting the State's history, not only deprived the people of a responsible and responsive leadership but has also marred its economic development. 'Unfortunately, we got politicians, who perpetuated this political uncertainty for their own survival in politics and never cared about the well-being of the State or its people,' she said and added that both the historical reasons of political instability and divergent inter-regional sensitivities were, over a period of time, fully exploited by the State's traditional political clan to grab power at whatever cost. 'Ironically, nobody ever even tried to make a genuine effort towards pulling the State out of this mess,' she said. Ms Mufti said it was only after 2002 assembly elections, that a serious effort was made, not only at the political but at the Government level to channelize the aspirations of the people on one hand and on the other address their developmental needs. 'This momentous transformation in delivery of governance has now entirely transformed the State's political discourse and the politicians have now become fully conscious of their responsibilities,' she said and added that the era of emotional and personalized politics is now over and performance has become the new yardstick for the politicians. 'The people who now get elected have to justify their mandate by addressing the just concerns of the people,' she said. The PDP President said given its immense natural and water resources, the full potential of Jammu & Kashmir can be harnessed only through opening it up and empowering all the regions to benefit from the new market economy growing in the region. 'The rich intellectual capital that the State has in the shape of thousands of trained professionals should be utilized to achieve a turnaround in living standards and making Jammu & Kashmir economically self-sufficient,' she said and added that the Youth Development Policy of the party is a step towards bringing the State's youth on the radar of focused development so that our young men and women get similar opportunities as their counterparts are enjoying in other parts of the country. Ms Mufti reiterated her party's resolve to realize the unfinished agenda of dignified political peace and sustainable economic prosperity for the people in all the regions and sub-regions of the State. 'I assure you that PDP would realize this noble dream under the leadership of Mufti Mohammad Sayeed,' she said.

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