February 2008 News

No Surprise If Major Development Takes Place On Kashmir In Next 10 Months: Kasuri

6 February 2008
Associated Press of Pakistan

Islamabad: Former Foreign Minister Khurshid Mehmood Kasuri has said that he will not be surprised if major development takes place towards the solution of Kashmir dispute in next 10 months. In a telephonic interview with PTV Kasuri said the process at back channel as well as through composite dialogue was moving in positive direction but some domestic conditions both in India and Pakistan diverted the focus of attention on it for the time being. Explaining he said it was generally believed that some development may take place by the end of year 2007 with the solution of minor issues like Siachin, Sir Creek etc. but due to elections in certain Indian states and afterwards the judicial crisis in Pakistan diverted the attention. He said that there is a will among all the parties on an amicable solution of the dispute adding the statements of Indian Prime Minister stand testimony to this fact. Kasuri said the next government after election will have an opportunity to take the process forward from its present status. He said PMLQ, PMLN and PPPP are the three major parties with prospects to form the future government independently or in a coalition and non of these parties will reverse the composite dialogue process. Refraining from divulging the details of progress so far made between India and Pakistan on Kashmir he said through a mutual understanding neither India nor Pakistan can make such things public. He however said that a lot of debate has been made in this regard through media and other channels and their is no top secret. To a question he said that whenever a complex issue like Kashmir is solved the parties have to show some flexibility adding Pakistan will not move from its stand unless India shows the same spirit. Kasuri said that all the major political parties in Pakistan want good relations with India and the solution of Kashmir is a key in this regard.

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