February 2008 News

JI slams Kashmir policy

5 February 2008
The Dawn
Our Correspondent

QUETTA: Balochistan chapter of Jamaat-i-Islami and PML-Zehri observed Kashmir day to express solidarity with the people of Kashmir and demanded of the United Nations to implement its resolutions and grant right of self -determination to the oppressed people of occupied Kashmir. The JI also held a seminar in the press club which was chaired by amir of party’s NWFP chapter and ex-senior minister Sirajul Haq. Besides, amir of JI Balochistan, Maulana Abdul Haq Hashmi, ex- senator Abdur Rahim Mirdadkhel and Zahid Hussain also addressed the gathering. In their speeches, the JI leaders said that the people in held Kashmir were facing atrocities at the hands of the Indian security forces and thousands of them have sacrificed their lives. They said the Kashmiri people, besides the Palestinians and Afghans, have a right to struggle against the Indian forces, Israeli army and United States-led forces to liberate their motherland from foreign occupations. They were critical of President Musharraf’s Kashmir policy and maintained that the policies formulated on behest of the United States had damaged the jihad waged by the Kashmiris. PML- Zehri chief Mir Zarak Khan Zehri later addressed a press conference in support of the struggle of people of Kashmir. He emphasised that Kashmir issue should be settled through negotiation.

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