February 2008 News

Former Militants Join Hands To Fight Harassment - Peacefully

4 February 2008

Srinagar: Alleging the troopers of “harassing” and “humiliating” former militants, Abdul Qadeer Dar president of the newly floated People's Rights Movement party said that the families of the martyrs and former militants were on the verge of starvation due to government's policies. Addressing media persons on the occasion of floating the party, at Rajbagh, Dar said that thousands of people have been killed, thousands have been become widows and most of them were living in pathetic condition. 'We want to help the families of the martyrs who are facing starvation and other depravations,' Dar said. The party - People's Rights Movement – would try to rehabilitate the families of former militants and those who “sacrificed their lives” for Kashmir cause, he said. Terming the safeguarding of families of martyrs and former militants a mission Dar said that they “will continue to pursue it with peaceful means.” Dar said that former militants are harassed and humiliated across the state and they are directed to present themselves in the camp on Sundays. He added that the wards of the former militants are not given admissions in schools and colleges putting their future at stake.”We want an end to this uncertainty, insecurity and humiliation'. He added In reply to a question, whether the newly floated party will join any of the Hurriyat factions, Dar said that the party was purely a “non-political” organisation and would not join any of the Hurriyat factions. “Our sole agenda is to raise the voice for the welfare of former militants and their families including those of the martyrs so we would not be joining either of the Hurriyat factions,” Dar said. Lambasting at the policies of the central government in the rehabilitation of former militants, Dar questioned, “When New Delhi can formulate policy for Naga's and Naxal's, why the former militants of the state are being discriminated against?” When asked if the party will contest the elections, Dar said that the police deny them verification for passports and other documents and in such a situation, “even thinking so would be foolish”. In a reply to a question that whether the newly launched party will accept the ex-renegades in their fold, Dar said that the doors of the party were open for everyone. Dar claimed that the newly launched party had 700 members across Jammu and Kashmir, who had been incarcerated for years besides saying that intellectuals, doctors and engineers were also a part of the organisation.

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