February 2008 News

Kashmiris Donít Believe In Kashmir Days: JKLF

4 February 2008
The News International

Lahore: KASHMIRIS do not believe in the Kashmir days celebrated by the Indian or Pakistan governments, said Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front leader Faisal Nazki. Talking to The News here on Monday, he said they only want the right of plebiscite and their all-physical and political struggle was about that right. He said that Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF) was the pioneer of physical struggle in Kashmir and their leader Maqbool Butt was hanged by the Indian government in February 11, 1984 in New Delhi. Establishments of both the sides tried to hijack the Kashmiris struggle by confusing the international community while talking about first second and third options, he added. He said that the Kashmiris believed in none of the options and wanted both the countries to stop exploiting the Kashmiris and give them their right to choose their own fate. Pakistan Peopleís Party local leader and Kashmiri rights activist, Sajida Mir, stated that Indian and Pakistani governments should accept their right to decide their fate. She was of the view that people like late Pakistan Peoples Party chairperson and former premier Benazir Bhutto and icon of pro-democracy struggle in Pakistan, Nawabzada Nasrullah Khan, supported the third option and believed in Kashmiri peoples rights but some forces in both sides donít want to resolve the dispute as their interest were associated with the conflict. Sajida Mir further said that both the countries should recognise the position of Kashmiris and give them the right to plebiscite instead of taking them for granted and playing politics on the cost of Kashmiri blood.

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