January 2008 News

American Author Says US Eyeing Kashmir For A Military Base

25 January 2008

Srinagar: David Barsamian, the American broadcaster and resistance intellectual, believes that America was eyeing Kashmir as its future defense base against China. Alternative Radio founder and co-author of 'Confronting Empire' Barsamian who was in Kashmir recently also said that China was tacitly supporting the American war on Iraq. 'While USA views China as a dangerous parallel power centre, China was acting as an ally for the US in its war on Iraq'. Barsamian who was here to deliver a lecture hosted by Jammu and Kashmir Coalition of Civil Society, a human rights group, predicted that USA eyed Kashmir as its future defense base against China. China and USA are considered to be bitter rivals and the foreign policies of the two countries don't make any parallels. He said US thinks China is spreading it bases in Asia and East Asia and added that the USA might use Kashmir as its base to keep the Chinese network in check. 'But don't be mistaken by China,' Barsamian said. 'Army controls many industries in China. While China takes name of communism it seems to be copying west in their own Chinese ways. David asserted that India has been no different than the 'oppressive states' which according to him fabricate and distort realities to suit their policies. 'India has dominated the discourse. In America we have very little information about Kashmir conflict. Americans are not aware of the Kashmir problem. It is because the Kashmiri voices are silent. The only voices heard from Kashmir are of the government spokespersons in New Delhi. Even the alternative media has fallen in this trap.' Although he admitted that Kashmir's real voices were not heard in the US, he revealed that Noam Chomsky would shortly write on Kashmir problem. Urging Kashmiri intellectuals to play active role in resistance, David said that the Lebanon movement was the ideal model to be followed. Reacting to the situation in Pakistan he said, 'Pakistan is showing characteristics of a state that is falling apart. The military basically is in control. The intelligence agencies exercise enormous power. The assassination (of Benazir Bhutto) was predictable. ... Musharraf sacked the Supreme Court Chief Justice in March. Since then he has taken more autocratic measures...'

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