January 2008 News

Musharraf Wants ’bilateral Peace Tract’ Over Kashmir

24 January 2008
The Pakistan Tribune

Davos: President Pervez Musharraf told business and political leaders in this Swiss resort Thursday that his government is committed to pursuing a bilateral resolution with India on the Kashmir issue. Speaking at a panel session alongside Afghan President Hamid Karzai, Musharraf said there was 'a bilateral need to resolve all problems between India and Pakistan. 'In the last few months we got sidetracked,' Musharraf said in reference to the turmoil over his declaration of a state of emergency and the assassination of former premier Benazir Bhutto in December. 'We want to get it back on track,' he said, saying he favours a 'bilateral peace tract'. Davos is the latest stop for Musharraf, who has been touring European capitals aiming to reassure leaders that nuclear weapons in Pakistan are in safe hands. 'Please differentiate Pakistan from banana republics, where a lowly colonel can take over the estate. These things don’t happen in Pakistan,' he told the Wall Street Journal in an interview. Musharraf said his government would 'carry on the fight against terrorism and extremism. It will have an impact even on the streets of Europe,' he said.

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