January 2008 News

Kashmir Resolution Can't Be Held Hostage To Pak Situation: Sayeed

20 January 2008

Srinagar: Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) patron Mufti Mohammad Sayeed has called for 'earnestly reviving' the slumped peace process to address the Kashmir problem. 'For a lasting solution of the State's problems, the Government of India must undertake, with courage and wisdom, substantial political and economic measures that meet the reasonable aspirations of the people in all the regions of the State,' Sayeed said, while addressing a public meeting at Marh today. He said the hope generated by Prime Minister Manmohan Singh's initiatives on Kashmir should not be allowed to perish for any reason. 'Whatever can be done to address the internal dimensions of the problem must be done without delay to prevent another bout of cynicism and frustration from enfolding the people of the State,' Sayeed said. Conceding that the unfortunate developments in Pakistan have adversely affected the settlement of the issues between the two countries, Sayeed said the processes started between the State and the Center should not become hostage to the situation in Pakistan. 'One process can't be held hostage by another,' he said, while adding that it is necessary that Pakistan be on board for any lasting solution to tackle the external dimension of the problem. 'There are serious issues of constitutional, political and economic nature that need to be resolved between the State and the Center for amicable settlement of the issue,' he added. He emphasised that the follow up on the recommendations of the Working Groups constituted by the Prime Minister Manmohan Singh should be speeded up. Sayeed pointed out that though vacating civilian institutions, as a first step to reduction in troop strength was a welcome measure, the process, unfortunately, was yet to be completed. 'Though the November 30 deadline was achieved in many cases, but there are still instances where the security forces are yet to be shifted from schools and hospitals,' he said.

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