January 2008 News

US Eying Kashmir As Military Base Against China’

18 January 2008
Kashmir Watch

Srinagar: David Barsamian, the American broadcaster and resistance intellectual, believes that America was eyeing Kashmir as its future defense base against China. He asserts that India has fabricated a false image of Kashmir conflict and is selling the same to the west. In an exclusive interview with risingkashmir.com David asserted that India has been no different than the “oppressive states” which according to him fabricate and distort realities to suit their policies. “India has dominated the discourse…In America we have very little information about Kashmir conflict. Americans are not aware of the Kashmir problem. It is because the Kashmiri voices are silent. The only voices heard from Kashmir are of the government spokespersons in New Delhi. Even the alternative media has fallen in this trap.” David who was recently here to deliver a lecture hosted by JKCCS predicted that USA eyed Kashmir as its future defense base against China. Although he admitted that Kashmir’s real voices were not heard in the US, he revealed that Noam Chomsky would shortly write on Kashmir problem. Urging Kashmiri intellectuals to play active role in resistance, David said that the Lebanon movement was the ideal model to be followed. He said: “Even mistakes of resistance have to be reported. Mistakes happen in all resistance movements. Resistance movements are not dinner parties. They are a mess. And mistakes in resistances are a reality. Sometimes innocents are mistakenly killed for collaborators. These things do happen. But a good resistance movement is one in which the mistakes are accepted.”

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