January 2008 News

Bad Weather Hampers Army Rescue Operation In Kashmir

14 January 2008
News Blaze

Srinagar: Bad weather is hampering the rescue operation launched by Indian army in North Kashmir to recover the bodies of its missing soldiers and porters after they were buried alive by a snowstorm. An Indian army spokesman told NewsBlaze that due to unstable snow conditions and inclement weather at higher reaches in North Kashmir, operations to recover the bodies of missing army personnel and civilian porters have been hampered for the past five days. 'After due consideration of safety, a party of 10 civilian porters, all relatives of missing personnel was given assistance by the Army to reach the nearest army post, which is very close to the border with Pakistan. Search operation will continue subject to weather and snow stability conditions', he said. He further said that all measures will be taken to prevent any further loss of life. 'Army has carried out aerial reconnaissance of the area and has maintained visual surveillance over the area of the mishap, besides attempting to open routes to reach there. Additional Army rescue teams are also on standby along with avalanche rescue dogs. However, the area being in the vicinity of line of control with high sensitivity and operations have to be under taken with due precautions', he added.

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