January 2008 News

JKLF Central Committee Decision Will Help Unity Cause: Shabir Choudhry

6 January 2008

London: Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF) leader Dr Shabir Choudhry has welcomed decision of the Central Committee which has endorsed initiative of Sabir Ansari to forge unity in the JKLF, and for this purpose he dissolved Younis Group of the JKLF in Britain. The JKLF Central Committee meeting was held in Rawalpindi on January 4 and attended by all the senior leaders of the Party. This unity initiative also had full support of Yasin Malik and other senior leaders of the party. The CC unanimously endorsed the unity initiative and requested all units of the JKLF in Britain to cooperate with the Convening Committee established to reorganise branches and make new members. In this regard the CC has asked Aslam Mirza, Secretary of the Convening Committee to contact leaders of the defunct JKLF Younis Group and make them a part of the unity process. The CC appreciated positive attitude and hard work of JKLF leaders Abbas Butt, Zubair Ansari and Dr Shabir Choudhry, and hoped that they would continue to support the unity process and work closely with the Coordinating Committee. Dr Shabir Choudhry said Abbas Butt and Zubair Ansari have for the sake of unity set an example by voluntarily vacating their positions of President and Secretary General respectively. He said we all hope that members and leaders of the defunct group will also demonstrate sincerity and loyalty to the cause of JKLF and abide by the decision of the Central Committee. He said all those who adhere to the ideology of the JKLF and Maqbool Butt should abandon their small huts and support the unity process. He said no leader or individual is bigger than the party and its ideology, and the central leadership should show leadership and foresight. Dr Shabir Choudhry said JKLF leaders should discourage regionalism, tribalism and communalism, as this trend will harm the national cause and only support those who want to divide us. He said for national struggle we need national leaders with national approach, and not local or regional leaders. He said in order to make the JKLF vibrant and fully functional again we need to devise appropriate strategy and endeavour to win minds and hearts of Kashmiri minorities, which include people of all regions and all religions of Jammu and Kashmir State. Dr Shabir Choudhry said our struggle is not for liberation of the Valley only or Muslims of any region. We want independence of the entire state, and same rights and privileges for all the people of the state, which include non - Muslims and people of Gilgit and Baltistan.

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