January 2008 News

'Kashmir Struggle True Form Of Jihad'

5 January 2008
The Nation

Islamabad: The struggle for liberation by the Palestinian and Kashmiri people is genuine form of Jihad said Dr Ghazi, former federal minister for Religious Affairs. “A Muslim state cannot be secular” and if it fails to enforce Islamic sharia it loses its reason of existence said Dr Mahmood Ahmad Ghazi during a lecture on Friday. The former federal minister for Religious Affairs, while addressing on occasion of lecture series on Shariah and the Muslim society, national issues, administrative matters and inter-human relations at the Institute of Policy Studies has said that the religious schools in Pakistan should to be reformed on the pattern of Sudan and Saudi Arabia. While speaking on the genesis of an Islamic state, he said, and added as to how its evolution was not different to other states except that the driving force for creation of its institutions are Islamic laws and not personal whims of the ruler. The main purpose of the Islamic state, he said, was the propagation and protection of Islam. The role of state, he said, was important in protecting and implementing sharia. Ghazi talked about the concept of ideal state (Al-Madina al-Fadila) given the great scholar Abu Nasab Al Farabi. The creation of all Muslim states Ghazi said, was Sharia but later the states deviate from it. Quoting Ibn-e-Khaldun, he said, a Muslim state could only exist if it was religious otherwise it ceases to be an Islamic state. If the rulers cease to be practicing Islam the life of the people, he said, would become miserable. Sharia, he said, doesn’t favour a non-competent person over an ideal competent person for being the ruler. More swords, he said, have clashed among the Muslims over the issue of electing a pious leader.

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