January 2008 News

642 Kashmiris Including 41 In Custody Martyred In 2007

1 January 2008
Associated Press of Pakistan

Islamabad: In occupied Kashmir, Indian troops, in their continued acts of state-terrorism during 2007, martyred 642 innocent Kashmiris, including 41 in custody, 14 children and 15 women. According to the data compiled by the Research Section of Kashmir Media Service, 2045 persons were tortured and critically injured, 1016 arrested under fake charges, while 207 structures including residential houses and shops, were destroyed, KMS reported. 107 Kashmiris went missing in troops’ custody, 193 children got orphaned, 98 women were widowed and 68 disgraced, during the period under review. According to the data, in the month of December, 2007, 16 Kashmiris were martyred, 107 tortured and critically injured, 79 arrested, 24 structures damaged, 2 got disappeared, 2 women widowed and 3 children were orphaned. Meanwhile, since 1989 to December 31, 2007, Indian troops martyred 92166 innocent Kashmiris, including 6925 killed in fake encounters during custody. 114512 persons were arrested on fake charges, 22593 women got widowed and 9756 were disgraced, 107054 children were orphaned and 105560 structures were either destroyed or damaged.

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