July 2007 News

First Latin American Intl. Kashmir Conference Begins In Uruguay

31 July 2007
Associated Press of Pakistan

Islamabad: The first Latin American International Kashmir Conference began Tuesday in Montevideo, Uruguay. The conference is co-sponsored by the College of International Relations Professionals at University of Uruguay, said a press release issued here. Scholars, diplomats and intellectuals from various countries are participating in the moot. Dr. Ghulam Nabi Fai, Executive Director, Kashmiri American Council Kashmir Center said Uruguay being the land of democracy, a country that upholds the human rights in all international fora, and President of Mercosur (Common South Market) makes it unique place to have this first international conference. He said Ambassador Paysee Reyes of Uruguay as the President of the Security Council during its 1251st meeting on November 5, 1965 said the dispute between Pakistan and India over the State of Jammu and Kashmir involves people who make up one fourth of the population of the world. Therefore, Kashmir issue concerns the whole of Asia. Dr. Fai said the words of this Uruguayan visionary is as applicable today as it was in 1965. Those who are invited to present the scholarly papers in the conference include: Sardar Attique Ahmed Khan, Prime Minister of Azad Kashmir Jatender Bakshi, Chaitman, Committee for the Return of Pandists Ved Bhasin, Editor in Chief, Kashmir Times Prof. Angana Chatterji, University fo Integral Studies, California Zahid G. Muhammad, Columnist, Greater Kashmir, Professor Diego Rsquder, University of the Oriental Republic of Uruguay and Catholic University General Ricardo Galarza, former Chief of UNMOGIP, Urugauy Amb. Naeemullah Khan Yusufzai, Charged Affairs, Argentina Professor Mari Emilia Corter, Salvador University, Buenos Aires, Argentina Professor Maira Vieira, University of Rio Grandfe do Sul, Brazil Dr. Susana Mangana, Autonomous University of Madrid, Spain Dr. Ekaterina Lensou, European Humanities University, Minsk, Belarus Many other Members of Parliament, representatives of the civil society and media are attending the conference.


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