February 2007 News

PM hails Musharraf’s statement

3 February 2007
The Daily Excelsior

New Delhi: Prime Minister Manmohan Singh today hailed Pakistan President Pervez Musharraf’s statement that militancy cannot resolve the Kashmir issue, maintaining he was saying the 'right thing'. 'They are saying the right thing. Let us hope,' he told reporters after releasing a book 'democracy and diversity' authored by former diplomat K S Bajpai. He was asked about Musharraf’s remarks that those who believed the gun was the only solution to the Kashmir issue, 'cannot be taken on board' in resolving it. On when he proposed to undertake his trip to Pakistan, Singh said he looked forward to it but made it clear that he would do so only when the outcome could be substantive. 'I have received an invitation which I have accepted. I am looking forward to the visit. But when I visit I should do some substantive business. I have always been hopeful but there is many a slip between the cup and the lip', he said. Pointedly asked whether his visit would materialise by this summer, the Prime Minister was non-committal. 'Let us see', he said without elaborating. The Prime Minister said that in the recent past, the country had been far too inward looking. This was not the case in the early years after independence, he said adding that Jawaharlal Nehru encouraged scholars from across the world to come and study the great Indian experiment. Singh recalled that in his student days and his early teaching years, several intellectuals from across the world came to India and worked here.


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