January 2007 News

'Musharraf's Proposals On Kashmir Unconstitutional'

25 January 2007
The Nation

Islamabad: Shabab-i-Milli Pakistan President Syed Shahid Gillani said that the proposals given by President Gen Pervez Musharraf on Kashmir issue had no political or constitutional value because of his own unconstitutional status and stressed the need of solution of Kashmir dispute as per United Nations resolutions.Addressing a press conference here at Madoodi Building on Thursday, Syed Shahid Gillani asked the world community to come forward and help implement the UN resolutions on Kashmir and resolve the dispute in accordance with the wishes of Kashmiris. He said that rulers have taken U-turn on all national issues right from country's nuclear programme to Islamic values and Jehad, and now President Musharraf was also bringing major shift from the country's stand on Kashmir dispute. He said that they would not let the rulers play with the fate of the country and would not accept any self-styled solution to the Kashmir dispute against the wishes of the people of Kashmir. He further said that India was not sincere in the solution of Kashmir dispute and by engaging Pakistan in meaningless dialogue, Indians were just gaining time. He added that for bringing any major shift on Kashmir, Indian Government has to introduce changes in its constitution wherein Kashmir is declared as integral part of India and the sitting Indian Government is not capable of bringing such a change. He warned the rulers that neither Kashmiris nor people of Pakistan would accept any solution against the wishes of the people of Kashmir and such a move would further aggravate the existing crisis in occupied Kashmir. He said that the MirWaiz Umar Farooq and Prof Abdul Ghani Bhatt came here for photo session and have little say among the people of Kashmir who were standing behind the unflinching leader Syed Ali Gillani who had kept the flag of Kashmiris aspiration high and never bowed to Indian occupation forces. Terming Gen Musharraf as self-centred, who only think about prolonging his illegitimate rule, he said that the country was passing from a very critical time where it was facing challenges from all sides and the very solidarity of the state was at stake. He said that they would not let them play with the fate of the country and would hold public rallies and demonstration to mobilise public opinion against the government policy on Kashmir dispute. He announced holding of over 100 demonstrations at district level all over the country before the final showdown on Feb. 5 where the central leadership of MMA would expose the Government's U-turn on Kashmir issue.


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