January 2007 News

Temporary solution of Kashmir is expected soon: Attique

3 January 2007
The Pakistan Tribune

BALAKOT: Prime Minister Azad Jammu and Kashmir (AJK) Sardar Attique Ahmad Khan has said that a temporary solution of Kashmir issue in accordance with the aspirations of Kashmiris is expected soon . Masses living on both sides of Line of Control (LoC) fully supported the proposals and ideas of President General Pervez for the peaceful and amicable solution of Kashmir, the Prime Minister AJK stated this while addressing a public gathering here the other day . Reconstruction Minister AJK Col. (Retd) Muhammad Naseem, Forest Minister AJK Syed Murtaza Gillani, Former Sports Minister Dewan Ali and others high level officers were present on the occasion . The Prime Minister further said that President Gen Pervez Musharraf is sincere to resolve the Kashmir dispute as per the wishes of Kashmiris believes that General Mushraff is the man who can solve this longstanding dispute . He urged the citizens to promote brotherhood by removing prejudices and hatred and should work for the development, prosperity as well as reconstruction of earthquake-affected areas of AJK . Commending the work of Earthquake Reconstruction and Rehabilitation Authority (ERRA) and State Earthquake Reconstruction and Rehabilitant Authority (SERRA), the Prime Minister observed that both organizations are working effectively. We have chalked out a long-term effective strategy to enable earthquake survivors of AJK to earn their resources themselves, the Prime Minister maintained. According to plan, round about 500 big and small dams and barrages would be constructed in next five years in AJK, he asserted . The Prime Minister AJK went on to say that, the dams and barrages would be used for irrigation, fishery, tourism, agriculture and electricity production purposes. Sardar Attique Ahmad Khan added that different skills would be imparted to one woman or man in a family aimed to enable them to earn livelihood themselves . Earlier, the Prime Minister AJK also offered his Eid prayer with earthquake survivors of Balakot and distributed Eids and gifts among earthquake survivors of Balakot . Later, Sardar Attique Ahmad Khan through helicopter-visited earthquake affected areas of AJK including Hattian Bala, Chakoti, Banni Manasha, Kafal Garh, Ghazi-e-Abad and Jhala . End.


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