January 2006 News

MJC backs idea of independent Kashmir

13 January 2006
The Daily Times
Mohammad Imran

Islamabad: The Muttahida Jihad Council (MJC) has decided to support the idea of an independent Kashmir and demilitarisation of the state. “A consensus has been evolved among the MJC leaders not to oppose the idea of an independent Kashmir and its demilitarisation,” sources in MJC informed Daily Times. The sources said that many MJC leaders were of the view that an independent Kashmir was the most viable solution to the dispute if it could not be resolved according to the UN Security Council resolutions. The sources said this was a major shift in the MJC stance because earlier the council had always supported the solution of Kashmir issue in accordance with the UN resolutions. “The MJC leadership thinks that people in Held Kashmir consider freedom to be liberation form Indian occupation,” the head of a militant organisation of the MJC told Daily Times. Any solution that eliminates Indian interference in Kashmir will be acceptable, he added. “The UN resolutions on Kashmir have become irrelevant because Pakistani and some Kashmiri leaders have come up with new ideas to resolve the issue,” he said. He further said that at a time when some prominent Kashmiri leaders from Held Kashmir were talking about the United States of Kashmir and self-governance, the idea of an independent Kashmir was more viable. The sources said the shift in Pakistan’s stance on Kashmir was the main reason why the MJC leaders had changed their stance on UN resolutions. Talking to Daily Times, Saleem Hashami, the spokesman for Hizb-ul-Mujahedin, said he was not aware of the new development. He said the Hizb always supported the UN resolutions on Kashmir. Failing that, the issue should be resolved through tripartite dialogue, he added.


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