January 2006 News

Kashmiri groups want sovereign Kashmir

5 January 2006
The Daily Times
Staff Report

Lahore: Kashmiri groups demonstrated against the United Nations Organisation (UNO) for not resolving the Kashmir issue despite the passage of 58 years, on Thursday. The main procession was taken out from The Mall near Dayal Singh Mansion. Leaders of the Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF), AJK Jamaat-Islami, Kashmir Muhaaz-e-Rai Shumari and Voice of Kashmir condemned the unjust possession of Kashmir. They were of the view that Indian leaders were cheating the world by their so-called democratic values and the United Nations was also not paying much attention to the matter. They said that Indian security forces had been killing innocent Kashmiris for the last 57 years. Punjab JKLF President Syed Faisal Shah Nazki said that Kashmiris had the right to continue their armed freedom movement. He said that an independent Kashmir would be in the best interest of Kashmir, India and Pakistan.


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