January 2005 News

Baig Warns Kashmiris May Blast Baglihar Dam

13 January 2005
The Nation

Lahore: Former COAS and Chief of Awami Qiadat Party Gen (R) Mirza Aslam Baig Thursday warned that freedom fighters in the occupied Kashmir may blast the Baglihar Dam if the World Bank did not gave its verdict in favour of Pakistan. Speaking on the topic of 'Future of Democracy in Pakistan', he accused the Pakistan government of showing leniency on the issue of Baglihar Dam . Baig said freedom fighters in occupied Kashmir were most likely to blast the said dam in case the World Bank decided in favour of India. He also accused India of violating all water-sharing agreements and the UN resolutions on Kashmir. After constructing the Wullar Barrage and the Kishan Ganga Dam, India was now constructing Baglihar Dam in violation of international treaties. Baig demanded holding of fresh elections, saying it makes no difference if PML President Ch Shujaat Hussain is replaced by some one else or even by General Musharraf. Citing a report of Los Angles, Baig said the PPPP and the ruling PML being secular parties could form a coalition government in future. Zardari's release was also part of the deal under which PPPP might be offered to rule in Sindh along with chairmanship of the Senate, he added. He said it was common impression in the US that PPP and the PML may form a coalition government soon. He said the US was apprehensive of Pakistan's religious parties that, according to the US, had the potential to acquire dominant position in country's politics in case the current political structure gets weaker. He said true democracy in Pakistan did not suit America, as a sovereign parliament may not surrender to its dictates. He opined that RAW was involved in the recent Balochistan disturbances, saying Indian consulate offices established in Jalalbad, Kandahar and Kabul were busy to destabilise Pakistan internally. He urged the government to condemn Indian government for its involvement in these incidents. He warned the government that brutal use of force would not settle the issues in Balochistan and added that situation there was highly alarming.


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