January 2005 News

Imran Calls For Demilitarization Of Entire Kashmir

13 January 2005
The Dawn

Islamabad: Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf Chairman Imran Khan has called for the demilitarization of the entire Jammu and Kashmir and holding of elections under the UN to establish a true representative government of Kashmiris. Mr Khan was talking to a delegation from Sri Nagar headed by Nazir Ahmed Ranga Advocate HERE on Thursday. The delegation briefed THE PTI chief regarding current situation in Held Kashmir, state of human rights violations, freedom struggle and status of dialogue process between Pakistan and India. 'We salute to Kashmiris for great sacrifices they made in their struggle for freedom,' Imran said. He said during his meetings with Indian leadership in his recent visit to India he stressed that no issue was intractable if the leadership had the will and determination to reach a just solution from both the sides. He gave the example of Nelson Mandela and De-Klerk, who found a just solution to the otherwise complex issue of apartheid. He informed the delegation that during his visit to India he had proposed the demilitarization of the entire Jammu and Kashmir, elections under the auspices of the UN to elect the real representatives of the Kashmiris followed by negotiations between the three parties (Pakistan, India and the elected Kashmiri representative) to determine the final status of Kashmir. The PTI chief said the people of Pakistan would reject LoC as the international boundary even with adjustments.


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