January 2005 News

Balochistan, Kashmir Likely To Be Struck By Major Quakes: Geologists

5 January 2005

Islamabad: Pakistan's Geological Research Centre (GRC) has hinted at the possibility of major earthquakes striking Balochistan and Kashmir. According to the Daily Times, senior officials of the GRC in an interview to a private television channel said, that the possibility of an earthquake of the same magnitude and intensity that flattened the region in 1935 killing 35000 of Quetta's 50000 population was likely to rock Balochistan again. Ziauddin Khan, from the GRC said that the saddest part of the whole scenario was that Balochistan was totally unprepared for meeting such emergency. The Director General of the Pakistan's Meteorological Department, Qamaruz Zaman said, that recent studies suggested that Balochistan besides Kashmir and Pakistan's coastal areas were lying in major earthquake prone areas.


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