January 2005 News

More Jobs For The Militancy-hit

5 January 2005
The Indian Express

New Delhi: The government on Tuesday increased employment opportunities for states in the North-East and Jammu and Kashmir under a new formula that reserves more jobs in paramilitary services for residents of militancy-hit and border areas. The new formula, cleared by the Cabinet Committee on Security, reduces the percentage of jobs earmarked on the basis of a state's population to 60 percent from 90 percent while apportioning 20 percent for border states in the North- East and Jammu & Kashmir. Under the old formula, besides the usual share as per their population, border states were entitled to an additional 10 percent of the paramilitary jobs on offer. The CCS earmarked a new segment of militancy-hit regions-read North-East and J&K- that would be entitled to 20 per cent recruitment over and above what is available under the other two categories. 'In effect, jobs for people from border areas, also militancy-hit, has been increased by more than 40 per cent,' said sources. The CCS also approved a time-bound scheme to provide paramilitary forces to Naxal- affected areas. The Centre earlier used to charge Rs 13.5 crore annually for deployment of paramilitary forces in these areas. For the next three years, the government would not charge the states for the forces but would restrict the deployment as per its assessment, said sources. The CCS meeting also approved the relaxation of visa norms for Pak nationals visiting India. The scheme covers people over the age of 65, journalists and academicians who would be allowed to travel to any area without the mandatory police reporting. The Cabinet, which also met on Tuesday, approved the National Rural Health Mission to bring about an integrated health delivery system in rural areas with special focus on primary healthcare. The proposal also merges Health department with Family Welfare that was carved out to implement family-planning programmes, said sources.


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