February 2004 News

‘RAW intends to win Kashmir without a war’

25 February 2004
The News International

ISLAMABAD: There was no 'timely tip-off' by Indian intelligence agency RAW to the ISI for foiling a third assassination attempt on the life of President General Pervez Musharraf as claimed by Indian media on Wednesday. Top official sources in Islamabad claimed that Pakistan and India had started a composite dialogue in a very friendly atmosphere but there was no direct exchange of information between the RAW and the ISI. The spokesman of Pakistan Army, Maj-Gen Shaukat Sultan, commented that 'there is a weekly contact between the DGs military operations of both India and Pakistan but it's an entirely different thing, it doesn't mean that the RAW and the ISI are also in contact on hotline, the reports in this regard are ridiculous'. Masood Khan, spokesman of Pakistani Foreign office, also rejected the report attributed to 'Times of India' that 'Indian warning save Musharraf's life'. He said there is no intelligence sharing between the two countries unless they develop strong confidence in each other. Reliable sources also claimed that there was no third attempt on the president's life in the first week of February; President Musharraf is alive because Allah is Great; his safety does not owe anything to the RAW. The indirect message in that 'malicious' disinformation was just to establish that Pakistani secret agencies are not competent to ensure the safety of their president. These sources said that some anti-Pakistan elements in the Indian establishment were trying to create misunderstanding by breaking baseless stories to Indian media. There is credible evidence that prime minister Atal Behari Vajpayee is facing a lot of covert resistance within the Indian establishment against his recent peace initiatives. Indian security forces have not stopped human rights violations in Jammu and Kashmir and some elements tried their best to sabotage the tour of Indian cricket team to Pakistan but Vajpayee took a firm stand and Pakistan-India cricket series was saved. These elements in the Indian establishment tried their best to use one faction of APHC against the other. They also tried to divide Kashmir militants but some recent developments disappointed anti-Pakistan and anti-Vajpayee elements in the Indian establishment. Meanwhile some sources in Kashmiri militant groups also rejected the reports published in some newspapers that Indian Intelligence agencies intercepted their communication against President Musharraf. 'How is it possible that Mujahideen can conspire against the president of Pakistan by their wireless sets; Indians are trying to create misunderstandings between Kashmiris and Pakistan,' said one of the Kashmiri militants. Chairman of United Jihad Council Syed Salahuddin accused that Indian intelligence agencies are using not only some Indian journalists but also some Pakistani journalists for creating misunderstandings between Pakistan and Kashmiris. He said that recently some Pakistani newspapers (not The News) published stories that President Musharraf is pressuring us to announce an unconditional ceasefire. 'These stories are not true because unless the Indian atrocities in Kashmir are stopped, how can someone think to announce a ceasefire?' Salahuddin said: 'I can tell you with full authority that no leadership of any Mujahideen group was involved in any murder attempt on the life of President Musharraf. Some people were involved on individual level like one worker of RSS was involved in the murder of Mahatma Gandhi individually.' Salahuddin said the RAW and LK Advani are trying to win Kashmir without a war; they wanted to use peace talks as a weapon against them and are not sincere for peace and that's why they are spreading baseless stories. He said: 'We are not against talks, first of all India show sincerity and stop human rights violations, accept us as the third party of the dispute and then I myself will ask Mujahideen to put down their guns'.


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