February 2004 News

Principles Of Islam To Respect Humans Must Be Followed: AJK President

23 February 2004
News Network International

Hajeera: President AJK, Sardar Mohammad Anwar Khan Monday advised to the people of Kashmir to follow the principles of self respect and to avoid harming any living being, especially humans. He was addressing a reference here on the demise of the father of renowned businessman Sardar Aziz Khan. 'We should realize that the life is a precious gift of Allah Subhantala. But it is gift for a short span of time and we should all realize the real objective of life which is to serve humanity and to refrain ourselves from evil thinking and practice.' He suggested the gathering to thank at every moment being humans 'and must devote our lives to serve always in the best interest of humans as well as to take care of every living thing.' 'In our great religion Islam, the rights of relatives and neighbours are determined very clearly and we should follow the principles of Islam as being Muslims we are bound to take care of our kin and neighbours,' he said. Later talking to journalists, he attached hope with forthcoming Pakistan-India talks to be resumed soon at the foreign secretaries' level. He said, 'let us hope that this time result oriented talks would change the situation in the region-Kashmiri people as was announced by President of Pakistan General Pervez Musharraf would be engaged in the later stage of these talks for peaceful solution to the core issue in accordance with the wishes of the people.'-


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