February 2004 News

MJC Asks Mujahideen To Rejoin Jehadi Forces

13 February 2004
The Pakistan Tribune

Muzaffarabad: Muttahida Jehad Council (MJC) has urged Kashmiri Mujahideen recently released from Indian captivity to rejoin Jehadi forces . 'You should not join Islamic Salvation Movement as it is against freedom movement,' said a spokesman of Jehad council Liaqat Ali . In his statement he declared it as an Indian ploy of using Kashmiris detained in different prisons against Jehad under the guise of Islamic Salvation Movement . 'In order to strengthen Jehad, Mujahideen who have attained freedom from Indian captivity should join Jehadi forces and by doing so they will definitely foil Indian nefarious designs against Kashmir freedom movement,' he added . He urged upon Kashmiris to remain alert against Indian conspiracies .


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