February 2004 News

JKLF leader admits Rubaiya's abduction

8 February 2004
The Daily Excelsior
Daily Excelsior Correspondent

NEW DELHI: Fourteen years after five dreaded terrorists were released in exchange of abducted daughter of then Union Home Minister Mufti Sayeed, JKLF vice chairman Javed Mir has admitted to have carried out the action along with two other top commanders Yasin Malik and Ashfaq Wani. He disclosed details of how the three kidnapped doctor-intern Rubaiya Sayeed, younger daughter of the present Chief Minister, at gunpoint on the afternoon of December 8, 1989 from a mini-bus when she was returning home after attending hospital. 'Rubaiya was an easy bait as she did not have security cover despite her father being Union Home Minister' in the V P Singh Government, Mir, also known as Javed Nalqa, told the author in a book 'Militant Monologues’ released here recently. 'We had planned the abduction a month before and had all the background on Rubaiya’s movements and timings,' he says. He says the three boarded the vehicle along with Rubaiya near the hospital in Rajbagh and after some time whipped out pistols directing her to accompany them. 'I sensed she wouldn’t get down so easily. I pointed a pistol at her, raised my voice a little and asked her to comply,' Mir says, adding she was then taken to an already identified house in Sopore, about 40 kilometres from Srinagar. Four local activists of JKLF were put on guard as the leaders negotiated release of four terrorists, including top commander Hamid Sheikh who had been arrested about a month earlier, he reveals. She was set free 15 days later after the Government released all the five terrorists as demanded. (PTI)


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