February 2004 News

Jehad forced India to resume talks

7 February 2004
The Nation

Lahore: India has agreed to negotiate on Kashmir issue just because of jehad and the world community has finally realised that Kashmir is a flash point, which should be addressed immediately. This was a consensus among speakers at a meeting here on Saturday organised by All Pakistan Jammu and Kashmir Muslim Conference, District Lahore, on 'Kashmir Issue: From Jihad to Dialogue'. President Muslim Conference District Lahore Sardar Muhammad Aziz Khan presided over the function. Speaking on the occasion, Vice President Muslim Conference Khalid Mehmood Shah strongly criticised Musharraf and the govt for humiliating Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan. He said that the whole nation should apologise to Dr Qadeer. He regretted that person in uniform, who insulted the heroes, was ruling the country. He also said Kashmiris were being kept out of the dialogue and those who knew nothing about Kashmir were on the forefront in the dialogue process. 'If you ask Pakistan's foreign minister to locate Kashmir on the world map, he cannot do so because he has no knowledge of Kashmir,' he added. He stressed that a multidimensional jihad is necessary for the liberation of Kashmir. He pointed out that the government was trying to sideline Sardar Abdul Qayyum Khan. Syed Naseebullah Gardezi urged the nation to remain alert during the dialogue process. He asked 25 lakh Kashmiri refugees in Pakistan to stay united and build a momentum before the talks take place. 'The way we expressed reservations to the late Zulfikar Ali Bhutto before he was leaving for Simla talks, we must repeat the same now so that the rulers do not forget what the Kashmiris want,' he said. He, however, regretted that Bhutto accepted to convert the then 'cease fire line' into a 'Line of Control'. Director Kashmir Centre Mirza Sadiq Jiral appreciated Pervez Musharraf's Kashmir policy and said that the nation should trust the govt. Khadim Hussain Mirza, Ali Asghar Abbasi, Raja Rehmatullah and Mirza M Sadiq also spoke on the occasion.


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