February 2004 News

Pak In Secret Talks With Kashmir Militants

4 February 2004
The Indian Express

New Delhi: Pakistan government has initiated a back-channel dialogue with the militant groups in an attempt to get them fall in line and not mount attacks in Jammu and Kashmir, reports a Pakistani weekly. The government was holding secret meeting with the key militant leaders and persuading them to take the January 6 declaration as a development that affords a win-win situation for all sides', The Friday Times quoting insiders reported. The militant leaders have also been asked to change the editorial policy of their publications. Before the 12th SAARC summit, the website of the defunct Lashkar-e- Taiba (now Jama Atud Dawa) was posting highly provocative stories about India. 'That does not seem to be the case now. What is being published is reproduction of political news stories,' it said and added that the militant outfit was no more dispatching its paid subscribers publications that promote anti-India rhetoric and glorify jihad. Quoting analysts, the newspaper said that while the recent moves highlight Pakistan's sincerity in its fight against terrorism, it also brought to light that the 'jihad has kicked the bucket'. The jihadis have become orphans. The sooner they realise it the better,' says a leading expert on Kashmir who does not want to be named.


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