February 2004 News

Hurriyat should seek public apology for exodus: PK

3 February 2004
The Daily Excelsior
Daily Excelsior Correspondent

Jammu: Kashmiri Pandits are willing to talk to Hurriyat Conference provided the conglomerate recognizes our geopolitical aspirations viz a viz community’s return to Kashmir valley and comes with an public apology for genocide and exodus of Pandits. This was stated by convenor Panun Kashmir, Dr Aghnishekhar here, today. 'The apology by Hurriyat will be a litmus test for their sincerity viz a viz Pandits because it has to recognize the KPs as an equal party to the Kashmir issue', he added. He said if the conglomerate fulfills these conditions then we have no harm in entering a dialogue under changing circumstances. Moreover when Government of India can talk with Pakistan who is a trouble shooter in the state for last 15 years and BJP led NDA can enter into a dialogue with separatist amalgam there is nothing bad if Hurriyat wants to talk to KPs provided they have changed their earlier stance on Pandits, he said. He said, realizing the futility of gun in the changing phenomena world over, the talks as a means of redressal is a recognised fact so how can Kashmiri Pandits deny it. He said Kashmir Pandits expect that Government of India will accept them as the equal party to the issue as with out our participation, the resolution of Kashmir is meaningless and will have far reaching consequences. On the surrender policy declared by Government for the militants he said it is shocking and not surprising. The militants while alive were fed up by Pakistan and on their surrender or being killed they are being financed by Government of India. He said rehabilitation of militants is the bold and brazen extension of healing touch policy of the State Government. While warning the AIKS leaders hobnobbing with certain forces and Government, he said they were playing a mischievous game. The KPs are intelligent enough to understand who are the vanguards of the community. Meanwhile , Kashmiri Hindu Conference, chief, M L Thusoo said since the changing atmosphere in the Sub Continent our action needs to be changed. He said no doubt some constituents of Hurriyat were responsible for the KPs exodus but being the citizens of a decent democracy we should not refrain from dialogue. He said there is no harm in holding the talks as this is not a sell out for the community as only that will be accepted which is in the wider interests of the KPs. President Kashmir Minority Council, Prof. G K Muju while supporting the initiative taken by the Deputy Prime Minister, L K Advani in this regard said the Pandits being the natural ally to Kashmir issue should not hesitate from holding talks. 'Under the changing global circumstances we can not shirk our responsibility and when the Hurriyat is ready to leave its demand of pelbscite then what harm we have in talking to them he said,'.


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