January 2004 News

Kashmir becomes focus of world leaders

28 January 2004
News Network International

SRINAGAR: Kashmir issue, which has been the bone of contention, India and Pakistan, has become the focus of the world since leaders of both the countries reached an agreement during Saarc Summit in Islamabad to start composite dialogue to resolve all outstanding issues including Kashmir. The Kashmir issue, which has been lingering on since past 56 years and for which, India and Pakistan have fought three full fledged wars has become the talking point of the world leaders. This change has taken place after India and Pakistan decided to resume composite dialogue to resolve all the outstanding issues including Kashmir, KMS reported. The world leaders, including US President George Bush, have not only welcomed the thaw in Indo- Pak relations, but have expressed their optimism that both nations would develop friendly relations. However, the surprising factor is that whenever a world leader issues a statement regarding latest peace moves between Indo-Pak, they don't forget to mention Kashmir. Even US Secretary of State Colin Powel during his visit to Moscow said that a joint effort is needed from Russia and US to prevent any conflict between India and Pakistan on Kashmir. Without Kashmir, the statements of world leaders have become incomplete, said a Kashmir watcher, Noor Mohammad. He said 'even US President has been issuing regular statements wherein he has been impressing on India and Pakistan to resolve the Kashmir issue amicably through dialogue. Similar statements are emancipating from European Union Head, Chris Patten, who during his recent visit to India, while welcoming the thaw in Indo-Pak relations, hoped that ultimately the restart of composite dialogue would lead to resolution of Kashmir dispute peacefully. Another Kashmir watcher said some miracles have taken place in sub continent since past three months. He said that it started with the announcement of CBMs, opening of diplomatic missions, initiation of ceasefire along Indo-Pak frontiers and meetings between Indian and Pakistan leaders. Now we must expect some bigger and larger miracles in the coming months, which will set stage for resolution of Kashmir issue, he said adding, however, India and Pakistan will have to tread the path cautiously. Said a political science teacher, Mohammad Zaman, Kashmir issue has become more alive after Indian and Pakistani leaders met on the sidelines of SAARC summit in Islamabad and decided to resume stalled dialogue process.


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