January 2004 News

Divided Kashmiri Families Greet Each Other After 14 Years

21 January 2004
The Pakistan Tribune

Neelum Valley: Touchy scenes were witnessed when scores of divided Kashmiri families waved hands after fourteen years while standing on either side of river Neelum dividing Kashmir into Pakistani and Indian side in the village of Challiana, 50 kilometre from Muzaffarabad, the capital of Azad Kashmir. Over 1000 members of the divided families had come from the villages of Karnah and Teetwal located in held Kashmir. Over six hundreds people who had earlier migrated from Occupied Kashmir to Azad Kashmir due to atrocities of Indian forces. The children, women and ageing persons stayed on both sides of the river till the evening despite heavy snowfall and torrential rains in their pursuit of glimpsing their loved ones who had gathered on Indian side of Kashmir near river Neelum charged with the reciprocal sentiments. They burst into sobs and some were seen weeping bitterly when they found the found their children as grown up men after 14 years. The families were so overwhelmed with emotions that one woman from Indian side of river jumped into river to reach the other side and she was rescued from her family members. Over one dozen Indian troops were seen preventing the families from heading towards the river .


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