January 2004 News

JKLF Vows To Resist Any Division Of Kashmir

12 January 2004
News Network International

London: Leaders of the JKLF vowed to resist permanent division of Jammu Kashmir as a solution of the Kashmir issue. They were addressing the special session of Zonal Executive Committee of the British Chapter of the Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front in Luton England, Head of JKLF's Diplomatic Affairs, Prof. Zafar Khan in his address warned the people of Kashmir to be vigilant against political forces in both parts of Kashmir who were bent on subverting the Kashmiris' unconditional and inalienable right to self-determination. He pointed out that 5th January was not an appropriate date for marking as a day for Kashmiris self-determination. The UN resolution passed on 5th January 1949 restricted Kashmiris right to accession between Pakistan and India rather than self-determination. Diplomatic committee members Zafar Sharif and Mr Latif Malik reiterated the resolve of JKLF members to continue the liberation struggle under tried and tested leadership of Amanullah Khan, the Chairman of the JKLF. While welcoming the warming of relations between India and Pakistan, the JKLF leaders expressed deep concerns at keeping the people of Kashmir out of the whole negotiation process. He declared that India and Pakistan cannot achieve a lasting solution of the Kashmir issue by finalising the LOC as a permanent border or bypassing the 15 million people of Kashmir who are a key to a just and equitable solution of Kashmir dispute.


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