January 2004 News

US, UK Interested In Solution Of Kashmir Issue: Qayyum

9 January 2004
The Pakistan Tribune

Muzaffarabad: Sardar Abdul Qayyum, Supreme Head of Muslim Conference Azad Jammu and Kashmir has appreciated United States and United Kingdom interest in solution of Kashmir dispute . He made these remarks during a program of local television network the other day . Former premier of AJK was of the view that former US president Bill Clinton had taken keen interest in solution of Kashmir issue, which has been the major conflict between Pakistan and India . 'At present both Pakistan and India are facing hardships due to the issue, instead of a strong and stable economy both nations have been on verge of war most of time after getting freedom from colonialism,' he added . The wars in the past and the defence expenditures of both countries have not allowed them to fully concentrate on their economic uplift, he added . He was of the view that due to unstable economy both countries are dependent on super powers and the time has come when they should stop relying on US and UK and take steps for solving their problems at their own . 'At present the positive overtures taken by Pakistan and India will soon prove their worth for settlement of all contentious issue between the two countries including the core issue of Kashmir,' Abdul Qayyum hoped . However, he made it clear that no solution could be imposed on Kashmiris against their wills and wishes, as they have rendered so many sacrifices in the past . 'As Pakistani leadership is taking Kashmiri leadership into confidence sooner or later Indian leaders will have to discuss the matter with Kashmiris and it will be resolved in accordance with the aspirations of Kashmiris,' he maintained .


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