January 2004 News

JKLF seeks OIC role on Kashmir issue

6 January 2004
The News International

ISLAMABAD: Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF) Chairman Amanullah Khan on Tuesday said it was shocking to learn that Pakistan did not mention the Kashmir issue for the first time in an international event like the Saarc summit. In an interview with The News, he said he was happy over resumption of talks between Pakistan and India. 'I fear that the talks are aimed at division of Kashmir and for this purpose the Line of Control would be converted into a permanent border,' he added. 'Though President Musharraf must have mentioned Kashmir, Prime Minister Vajpayee may not have talked about it openly because of the 'negative hawks' in India. I don't think we have any reason to be very optimistic,' he said. To a question on his formula for resolution of the Kashmir issue, Amanullah said: 'The simplest formula to resolve the Kashmir issue, without any harm to either India or Pakistan's ideology, would be to reunite the divided Kashmir and give it independence under the supervision of an international body,' he added. He said since India was allergic to the UN's role, the unification of Kashmir could take place under the Organisation of Islamic Conference, European Union, P-5 countries, Germany or Japan. He added Kashmir should be given an independent status with a condition that it should be democratic, non-communal, federal and at the top of it, it must have friendly relations with India and Pakistan. He said after 15 years of providing Kashmir an independent status, there should be a referendum in Kashmir to ascertain whether the Kashmiris wanted to continue their independent status, join either India or Pakistan or opt for another option.


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