January 2004 News

Pro-Kashmiri Resolution Presented In British Parliament

4 January 2004
The Pakistan Tribune

Black Burn: President Kashmir Movement Britain Muhammad Ghalib on behalf of the All Parliamentary Kashmir Committee has presented a resolution in support of self-determination for the Kashmiri people in the British Parliament . According to details, Muhammad Ghalib toured British Foreign Minister Jack Straw's constituency, Black Burn, to inform the various heads of committees in regard to the resolution and the campaign behind it . He also attended a session of Kashmir Movement Black Burn Branch held under the chairmanship of Chaudhry Zamir Khan. During his address, Muhammad Ghalib stressed that peace in the region is linked with the resolution of the Kashmir issue . 'Due to the sacrifices rendered by the Kashmiri nation, the Kashmir issue has gained international attention,' he said . He said that the Kashmir issue holds an international status in light of the resolutions passed through international agreements and by United Nations in its regard . He reiterated that the Kashmiri people would not accept any decision that is being forced upon them or that results in division of their land . He also said that Pakistan has taken the initiative in the peace process by pulling back its troops from the border and now India should respond positively in this regard . 'The success of SAARC and creating a path for peace in the region is linked with the action and future policies as well as efforts of the Indian leadership,' he said . Branch President Chaudhry Zamir Khan and Secretary Khalid Khan also addressed the occasion . The resolution was signed by various members of British Parliamentarians that has strengthened the pro-Kashmiri lobby in the British Parliament. This would aid in supporting the Kashmir Freedom Movement in an effective manner and stop the human rights violation committed by the Indian military in the region .


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