February 2003 News

Pakistan reneging on pledges to end 'terror': Kalam

17 February 2003
The News International

NEW DELHI: Indian President APJ Abdul Kalam on Monday accused Pakistan of reneging on its pledges to end 'terrorism' in Kashmir and dismantle alleged training camps in Azad Kashmir.In his customary address to both houses of India's parliament at the beginning of the budget session, Kalam said Pakistan's funding of 'terrorist groups' continued, meaning bilateral discussions could not resume.'The assurance given by Pakistan on the issue of cross-border terrorism remains unfulfilled,' Kalam said. 'Infrastructure of terrorist groups remains intact in Pakistan.' '(India's position) remains unchanged that we are willing to resume bilateral dialogue with Pakistan as soon as cross-border terrorism ends,' he said.India says Pakistan trains the militants fighting for 14 years to end New Delhi's rule in held Kashmir; Pakistan says it provides only moral and political support to an 'indigenous' movement for self-determination.The two sides had massed about a million troops on their common borders following an attack on India's parliament complex in December 2001, which New Delhi blamed on two Islamic militant groups.Tensions started easing in June when India said Pakistan promised a US envoy to stop aiding militants and dismantle training camps in Azad Kashmir. Kalam said the troop deployment achieved its purpose and displayed India's 'firmness and self-restraint in dealing with our hostile neighbour.'The head of state said national security was the government's highest priority and urged people to remain vigilant in the face of 'an adversary unwilling to give up its anti-India stand.'


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