February 2003 News

The Hurriyat Conference Stands Exposed

14 February 2003
The Daily Excelsior
K N Pandita

Jammu: Many skeptics in India had been asking for a solid proof that Hurriyat was in cahoots with the Pakistani mission in New Delhi. Even the Americans and many European countries also towed the same line for quite some time. The Hurriyat tried to wear the mask of neutrality thought knowledgeable circles had not an iota of doubt of their complicity in Kashmir militancy. Reflecting on the Abbas Jilani episode and the uncovering of many links that the clandestine funding of Hurriyat had been receiving for many years in the past, one can say that what the Hurriyat has been doing is not in reality as big a damage to the Indian government as to the people of Kashmir who had once been mesmerized by its calls for hartals and bandhs. The common people, tired and disillusioned with the Hurriyat's antics, had conferred on it the sobriquet of Hartal Conference. Its leadership remains exposed. In the first place the deep fissures within the Hurriyat came to surface when the hardliners within decided not to participate in the elections. As a result the Americans and the British who had been disposed to give it some credibility in the beginning, totally changed their perception of the organization so much so that the US Ambassador Mr. Blackwill refused to meet them during his Srinagar visit. Compare this stance with that of Robin Raphael, the Assistant Under Secretary in Clinton rgime who had travelled all the way to meet the Hurriyat leaders in their residential houses inSrinagar. Of course, Pakistani mission welcomed them whenever Hurriyat leaders, messengers and footmen visited their mission in New Delhi. But the question is did the Pakis really show them respect as representatives of the Kashmiris or did they use them as pawns in their game plan in Kashmir? This is a question to which the recent arrest and the statement of the Anantnag lady provided an answer in the court of the Delhi magistrate. What have those to say who unabashedly label the armed insurgency as ' the movement for independence of Kashmir'? And what have their enthusiastic supporters and well wishers in the Indian media to say? We are disposed to think that more than the Hurriyat, more than the Pakistani mission in New Delhi, and more than the perfidious ISI, it is the hirelings of Hurriyat and pro-militancy lackeys in Indian print and electronic media, the self-styled human rights activists and pseudo - liberal intellectuals advocating for the 'freedom movement' who now stand exposed. They have done more damage to the Indian cause in Kashmir than anybody else has done. It goes to the credit of the freedom of press and platform in India that the Central or the State governments did not take a stringent action against these home-bred enemies who are moving about under the mask of liberal intellectualism. With this glaring and irrefutable proof of involvement of Hurriyat and the militancy organizations with ISI, these half-baked intellectuals will now start the lethal campaign against Delhi police by arguing that a statement was extracted under duress. These are their tactics and one should not be surprised if this comes to be the case. In the name of human rights, in the name of democracy and in the name of freedom of speech, these malevolent elements, while inflicting damage upon the nation, have obviously made themselves monetarily enormously affluent by bartering national interests. The exposure should be an eye opener for the people of Kashmir. Of course, they are already disillusioned with the Hurriyat and its affiliates besides the armed gangsters coming from across the border. But now the need of the hour is that they react to the long and procrastinated blackmailing tactics of the Hurriyat that has cost them valuable lives, property and an unnecessary trauma. Knowledgeable persons had been emphasizing from the first day of insurgency that there was nothing like a freedom struggle or a secularist struggle. It was patent blackmail and Pak - sponsored perfidy against the people of Kashmir. Pakistan does not want the people to become prosperous and strengthen the roots of democratic dispensation in Kashmir. Theya re leasta interested in peace in Kashmir. Pakistan already stands isolated in the comity of nations. The USA and UK, both have repeatedly asked Pakistan's military President to fulfill his commitment of stopping cross-border infiltration in Kashmir. Recently while on his visit to Moscow, President Putin told the General in no ambiguous words that Pakistan would have to terminate terrorism on its soil if it wanted to be a constructive partner in regional peace process. Half of the the 60 terrorists arrested in different parts of Europe during last two months are Pakistanis. The hand of Pakistani terrorists is seen in many terrorist acts across the globe. The whole world knows that Pakistan is the hotbed of fundamentalist-terrorist organizations with international links. And the United States has been hinting at its disapproval of Pakistan's double play in the question of containment of Al Qaeda and Taliban. It has now been established beyond doubt that the Pakistani mission in New Delhi has the first and the last agenda of overtly and covertly supporting separatism and secessionism in Kashmir and fomenting anarchy and communal riots in various parts of the country. This contravenes the Geneva Convention. India has given Pakistani mission a long rope. It is time that the Union government takes a firm decision based on a long-range policy towards Pakistan. The strength of the Pakistan mission in India should be reduced to bare two or three lower rank officials. So will the Pakistanis do with the Indian mission. Since our mission's job is not to foment anti-state activities in Islamabad, we shall not be the losers in the game. Lastly, the government should begin full investigation of the funds received by the Hurriyat since its inception in 1994 and the manner in which these have been disbursed. The sub-agencies working for the Hurriyat in Srinagar or in other parts of the country should also be brought to book. It is common knowledge that late Abdul Ghani Lone, Maulana Abbas Ansari and Ali Shah Geelani have been receiving fat amounts through Pakistan controlled conduits all these years. It should not be difficult for the investigating authorities to uncover the shady deals and let the public in general know what these people have been doing. The hurt feelings of innocent people need to be assuaged.


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