February 2003 News

JKLF Criticises Pak Establishment

13 February 2003
The Daily Excelsior

New Delhi: JKLF has criticised Pakistani establishment, saying its citizens have been sacrificed by those agencies which have assumed the role of determining what is in the 'national interest' and who is 'loyal' to the regime in Islamabad. In an article in US-based Pakistani weekly 'South Asian Tribune', London-based JKLF leader Shabir Choudhry said 'once these people have decided that something is in the national interest of Pakistan, they will pursue that agenda without having any system of checks and balances and appraisal. 'If anyone dares to criticise what they do in the name of national interest of Pakistan, he or she is declared as anti-Pakistani, especially if the person concerned is a Kashmiri,' Chaudhry said in a veiled reference to slain Hurriyat leader Abdul Gani Lone, who was labelled as anti- Pakistani prior to his gunning down by militants. Highlighting blunders of some important people in the name of national interest of Pakistan, the JKLF leader said 'Gen Yahya Khan... Ordered his army to attack Pakistani people in East Pakistan, which resulted in fall of Dhaka and death of millions of innocent people and imprisonment of 93,000 armed personnel (before Indian troops), biggest surrender of the history.' Choudhry said that some of the officials thought it was in the national interest of Pakistan to help, support and encourage jihadi organisations in Pakistan which ultimately carried out jihad in Kashmir, Afghanistan and elsewhere and 'now it is in the national interest to crush these jehadi organisations.' The JKLF leader said that Pakistan Government made a U-turn and in the national interest of Pakistan helped and supported down fall of the Taliban Government, which was earlier brought up and supported in power by Islamabad only. 'And not only that they ensured that those who tried to escape into Pakistan are captured and handed over to America,' he said and added that 'the Islamabad regime, against diplomatic norms, even handed over Taliban ambassador Mullah Zaieef.' He said that to 'rub salt in the wounds of Pakistanis, some Pakistani nationals have also been handed over to FBI, and no one exactly knows how many unfortunate Pakistani citizens have been sacrificed this way on the altar of national interest of Pakistan.' Blasting the Pakistani policy, the JKLF leader said 'I have only pointed out some of the incidents where Pakistani Governments acted in self-interest but covered their deeds under the label of national interest and those who raised objections were either put behind the bar or branded as anti-Pakistan.' The JKLF leader, who is an expatriate Kashmiri, also said 'for writing this, I will be criticised by a group of people who think they have monopoly of wisdom and have right to issue Fatwa (on) who is loyal and who is anti-Pakistani'.


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