January 2003 News

US envoy's statement against indigenous Kashmir movement may harm war on terror, says Anwar, Sikandar

25 January 2003
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ISLAMABAD: The President and Prime Minister of Azad Jammu and Kashmir, Sardar Mohammad Anwar and Sardar Sikandar Hayat Khan Saturday visualized statement of the US envoy as disappointing and contrary to ground realities. President Anwar said, 'such statements may harm ongoing war against international terrorism led by the United States besides providing enough grounds to the allies to part their ways from the coalition.' 'We are being disappointed from such statements contrary to the realities of the freedom movement against the Indian occupation of Jammu and Kashmir,' Prime Minister Sikandar said. Both the leaders were speaking at a forum of local newspapers in Islamabad. The US Envoy Ms Nancy Powell in her latest statement in Karachi the other day had asked Pakistan to stop cross border infiltration to Indian held Kashmir. Anwar and Sikandar said instead of accelerating the process for impressing the occupation forces in occupied Jammu and Kashmir as was demanded since 1947 by the people of Kashmir, the statement of US Ambassador in Pakistan, Ms Nancy Powell could be conceived 'of putting the sacrifice of lives of some 83,000 martyred in Kashmir in the trashcan.' 'The events of September 11, 2001 demand a system based upon justice and if real justice continues lacking than such events may be conceived as a continued process,' Sardar Anwar said. Both the leaders were of the view that the post September 11 events brought hardships for the Muslim World. 'We call for the entire Ummah to be united with their full strength at one platform to defend ideological and territorial frontiers as well as interests of the Muslims,' they said. Both speaking separately has made it crystal cleared that through indigenous movement of the people of Jammu and Kashmir, the besieged valley would be surely liberated. 'No body else but the people of Jammu and Kashmir would get rid of the occupation forces in Indian held Kashmir,' they maintained. The were of the view that this is India who had watered the Agra Summit 'if Kashmir is integral part of India than why New Delhi had been engaged in talks with Pakistan to settle the core issue. Answer to this is that Indians are moving on a track to get endorsed their illegal occupation in Kashmir from the international community in the backdrop of the September 11 events,' the two leaders stated. They were optimistic that Kashmir with the grace of Allah would be the first country getting independence from the Indians.


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