January 2003 News

Quit Govt Jobs, Militant Outfit Tells Muslim Women In J-K

20 January 2003
The Indian Express

Jammu: After the burqa, militants in J-K have issued another diktat in the border Rajouri district: this time setting January 25 as the deadline for Muslim women, who are in government service, to quit jobs. Al- Badr militants had last month killed three girls in Rajouri for not wearing burqa. This time it is the Harkat-ul-Jehad-Islami (HUJI) militant outfit asking women to stay at home. Though police were tight-lipped, official sources said in a hand-written poster on the wall of the main mosque at Shahadra Sharief in Rajouri on Friday, HUJI had asked all Muslim women in the district to resign from government jobs. According to sources, militants have threatened to kill those women who continue to attend their respective government offices. The pamphlet reportedly said that burqa was a must for all Muslim women and whenever they were out of their homes, they must be ‘‘veiled’’. In the pamphlet, militants have reportedly also asked Muslims to marry their daughters before they cross the age of 15. Moulvis were also reportedly instructed to read out the pamphlet pointwise in the mosque. The matter was brought to the notice of police who removed the poster and stepped up vigil in the area. HUJI has also reiterated the threat issued by Lashker-e-Jabbar which said women should journey only with a male in tow, The threat has created panic in the area. Sources said security agencies have been asked to remain alert.


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