January 2003 News

Blackwill's remarks meant to sabotage peace efforts: Qayyum

13 January 2003
News Network International

RAWALPINDI: The chairman of President's National Kashmir Committee, Sardar Mohammad Abdul Qayyum Khan, Monday said the American ambassador in New Delhi has sabotaged peace efforts by siding with Hindu propaganda. 'No sane person would call the freedom struggle against subjugation forces in Kashmir as terrorism', he said and lamented that Pakistan's cooperation with the world community in its war against terrorism was not for dubbing the genuine freedom struggle in Kashmir as terrorism. He called upon the American administration to take notice of its ambassador's rhetoric. He was reacting to Blackwill's remarks on Kashmiris struggle here on Monday. He said the mujahideen inside the held valley are freedom fighters and not terrorists. 'The war against terrorist India would not end unless India declares independence for Kashmiris. Sardar Qayyum said at a time when America is trumpeting to solve the issues of the world, the statement given by US ambassador at New Delhi is meant to sabotage Washington's efforts. 'Pakistan can support America's war against terror but cannot dub Kashmir's freedom movement a terrorist campaign. He said this is against diplomatic norms that an ambassador gives such an irresponsible statement.


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