January 2003 News

JKLF rejects proposal to change LoC status

12 January 2003
The Dawn
Our Reporter

RAWALPINDI: The Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF) has rejected the proposal to change the status of the Line of Control into a permanent border between India and Pakistan. The policy and planning committee (PPC) of JKLF met here. The committee chief, Sardar Khadim Hussain, presided over the meeting. The participants of the meeting termed the proposal and General Pervez Musharraf's four-point formula to solve Kashmir issue as 'poison pills to kill Kashmiris as a nation.' The JKLF vowed to undo both the 'ill-conceived suggestions'. The party chairman, Amanullah Khan, also attended the meeting. Kashmir issue and the freedom movement topped the agenda of the meeting. The JKLF chairman said two proposals aimed at solving Kashmir issue were under consideration and discussion on regional and global levels. The proposal most stressed upon, he said, was to close the Kashmir chapter by converting the Line of Control in Kashmir into permanent India-Pakistan border. The other proposal was General Pervez Musharraf's four point formula which in its second point provided that all those possible solutions of the issue which were unacceptable to India or Pakistan be discarded and taken out of the agenda of India- Pakistan talks, he said. Mr Khan said it meant that neither a plebiscite in Kashmir nor a third party mediation could even be discussed during the proposed India-Pakistan talks. That he said, was tantamount to slaughtering Kashmiris as a nation which no patriotic Kashmiri would accept or even tolerate. The PPC discussed both proposals in detail and was of view that the JKLF should and would do every thing possible to undo 'these ill-conceived attempts to kill Kashmiris as a nation'.


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