January 2003 News

ISI using drug money to wage jihad

6 January 2003
The Pioneer
Pramod Kumar Singh

New Delhi: United States Intelligence agencies have found 'fingerprints' of Dawood, his brother Anees lbrahim Kaskar and their gang in the recent communal riots in Nigeria during the hosting of the Miss World beauty pageant. Dawood has been helping Pakistan's vested interests in Muslim countries of the African continent. According lo inputs received by Indian Intelligence agencies, Nigeria is a case in point. ISI and its henchman Dawood have been using the nation as a conduit point for their drug trade. Nigeria, where no police system exists, has been a haven for such activities. The African continent as a whole has proved to be a goldmine for the ISI for generating funds through narco-trade. The troika of mafia dons - Dawood lbrahim, Shoaib Khan and Naved - aided and abetted by the ISI, control the trade and use the money generated for buying arms for various terrorist groups owing allegiance to Pakistan and Osama bin Laden.

US authorities are worried as most of the narco-peddlers in the African continent are also religious hardliners. "The fundamentalist mafia working for radical Islamists is a major cause of worry for the Americans," an Intelligence source said. Al Qaida has been a direct beneficiary of this drug cartel. This alarmed the Americans who tipped off interpol and got Anees arrested recently in Dubai. Sources said the ISI was apprehensive that in the event of Anees being extradited to India, its covert operations in the Indian subcontinent and Africa would be exposed. Using its deep roots in Dubai police, ISI managed to extricate Anees from Indian clutches. US, Interpol and Indian officials were stumped when the mafia kingpin was suddenly released by Dubai police without their knowledge. Anees who controls the Almaz Money Exchange Bureau in Dubai and other business interests of Dawood, received help from his peers in the Dubai Government and managed to escape to Pakistan. He is now living a comfortable life under the assumed name 'Shaharyar' in Dawood's mansion in the posh Clifton locality in Karachi.


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