January 2003 News

UN fails to resolve Kashmir dispute: JKLF

5 January 2003
The Daily Times

LAHORE: Jammu-Kashmir Liberation Front President Syed Faisal Shah Nazki said on Sunday the United Nations had failed to resolve Kashmir issue according to the demand of the people.At the JKLF gathering at party secretariat for celebrating ‘Kashmir Day,’ Mr Nazki said Indian leaders were not ready to listen to the world to solve the issue. The Pakistani government has also forgotten Quaid-i-Azam’s message, which said Kashmiris could join any state according to their will. Mr Nazki said according to the UN commission report for settling the Kashmir issue on January 5, 1949, the Kashmiris had a right to self- determination. However, he said vested interests by the western countries and India had deprived the Kashmiris of their rights. — Staff Report


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