January 2003 News

AJK govt links support for Mangla raising to royalty

4 January 2003
The Daily Times
Staff Report

ISLAMABAD: The Rs 59.4 billion Mangla raising project has hit snags as the Azad Jammu and Kashmir government is reluctant to give its nod unless it is given written assurances of a package for the valley which President General Pervez Musharraf had announced with regard to royalty, subsidy in power tariff and compensation to affectees, sources told Daily Times on Friday.Since the package announced at the occasion of the inauguration of the project, has not took shape of a written agreement yet, the AJK government is therefore not showing any willingness to the most important project of Pakistan, sources said.The AJK government has conveyed its reservations to the government of Pakistan. The Central Development Working Party (CDWP) in its tomorrow’s (Monday) meeting will review the matter.Under the Package announced by President Pervez Musharraf, Pakistan is bound to initially extend a minimum of Rs700 to the AJK in the head of royalty, but the amount of the royalty will later be fixed under the formula, which is being worked out at present.“The old affectees who were given cash compensation at the time of making Mangla dam, but were not allotted plots, are now to be given Rs2,00,000 each.”The package allocates Rs300,000 for each new affected family. In addition, they will be given 10 more price than the market price of their demolished houses. “Squatters will also be given 5-marla plots,” sources said.A bridge will be constructed on Dhan Ghali, while Mirpur-Islam Garh Bridge will also be constructed but after preparing its feasibility report.As far as the subsidy in power tariff is concerned, the government is extending a subsidy of Rs1.6 per unit to the AJK government and WAPDA is also given a Rs1.26 per unit subsidy against 17% line losses in AJK, while the AJK government is paying only Rs2.05 per unit to WAPDA.Sources said WAPDA and the AJK government are at odds over the issue of subsidy.


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