February 2002 News

Jehadi outfits damaged Kashmir cause: Qayyum

10 February 2002
The Nation
Our Staff Reporter

LAHORE : The National Kashmir Committee (NKC) Chairman, Sardar Abdul Qayyum Khan, on Sunday dispelled the impression that there was a plan of rollback on Kashmir policy as had been exercised in case of policies on Afghanistan and Jehadi organisations.This he said in his presidential address at the round table conference on “Solidarity requirements with Kashmir” held under the auspices of Pakistan Institute of National Affairs at a local hotel. Former Kashmir Committee Chairman, Nawabzada Nasrullah Khan, Sardar Aseff Ahmad Ali, Nafees Siddiqi, Nishat Ahmad, Dr Zahid, Ataullah, Amir Khan, Ghulam Mustafa, Salim Bokhari and Khurshid Mirza also spoke on this occasion. Sardar Abdul Qayyum lauded efforts of the Nawabzada for promoting Kashmir cause in his capacity as Chairman Kashmir Committee of the Parliament. Sardar called for more political, diplomatic and moral support of the Kashmiris by Pakistan. He said that the Kashmiris would vote for Pakistan whenever an opportunity was provided to them. Had the Indian authorities been confident that the Kashmiris would vote for India, they might have accepted plebiscite in Kashmir, he said. However, he said, ‘in formulating policies we should keep in mind that Kashmiris should not change their mind due to our follies’. He said the NKC is not part of the government and was formed to promote the Kashmir cause. He backed Musharraf government’s Kashmir policy, saying it was proceeding in the right direction.He also rejected that the Committee was constituted to undermine the APHC efforts. Despite supporting jehad, Sardar Qayyum alleged that the jehadi organisations’ policies caused damage to the Kashmir cause. Instead of jehadi organisation leaders, the govt officials who asked them to form wrong policies should be sent to jail, he added. He stressed intellectual consensus on Kashmir. For this purpose, he said he had a plan to meet mediamen and political leaders. War with Pakistan, he said, would cause loss to India. Nawabzada Nasrullah Khan supported jehadi organisations and said that no movement can survive without support from outside. Kashmiris are part of our nation, he said, adding ‘accepting the LoC as international border would be betrayal to Kashmiri martyrs’. Kashmir is an issue of ‘death and life’ for us, he said, referring that tomorrow it should not be reasoned out that the LoC had been recognised as border in the larger national interest. Failure in convening the OIC meeting on tension with India is Foreign Office’s folly, he alleged. He called for developing international pressure on Kashmir issue and said that jehad in not terrorism and Indian allegation of crossborder terrorism is fabrication. Due to geographical status, except Pakistan, he said no Muslim country was in a position to back Kashmiris which is our national obligation. Sardar Aseff Ahmad Ali called upon review of the Kashmir policy and spending on lobbying for vote in the UN.He alleged that the military dictators had never taken the people into confidence whether they want war or peace and Pakistan had to face consequences. “We were defeated in 1965, in ground war and in 1971, due to political follies,” he said, pointing out ‘we never analysed what went wrong with our policy’. He said political leadership had averted wars with India while the military leadership jumped into it without thinking about the war consequences.He viewed that Pakistan changed its Afghan policy under the US pressure, and not on merit. The national security and economic and political stability are imperative for living as a nation, he said. He demanded of President Gen Musharraf to conduct forthcoming fair and free elections to save Pakistan from a bad name. Salim Bokhari also called for reviewing Kashmir policy and making serious efforts for its resolution and leaving apologetic attitude on the issue. Nafees Siddiqi said the UN resolutions are Pakistan’s firm stand on Kashmir. He suggested that China and the US should be included in mediation process on Kashmir if India agrees. Dr Zahid urged to include two representatives from Kashmir refugees in the Kashmir Committee and emphasised on registration of Kashmiris votes. Nishat Ahmad called for a just political solution to the Kashmir problem.


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