February 2002 News

Record number of militants killed in January 2002: Police spokesman

7 February 2002
The Daily Excelsior
Excelsior Correspondent

Jammu: Police and security forces have made spectacular achievements in the killing of Pak-sponsored hardcore militants in the month of January this year. As many as 173 militants have been eliminated during last month, a toll which is more than double as compared to the corresponding months of 2000 and 2001 put together. A police spokesman today said that 78 militants each were killed in 2000 and 2001. While six militants have surrendered in the first month of Jan this year, there was no such surrender in Jan last year. The number of militants arrested by police-security forces in Jan this year is also double the number of ultras killed in Jan last year. 44 militants have been arrested in Jan this year as against 34 and 21 of the corresponding period in 2000 and 2001 respectively. As compared to 387 incidents of violence as resorted to by militants in Jan 2001, militants have committed 308 incidents of violence in Jan this year. The number of violent incidents in Jan 2000 was 227. These incidents include explosions, hurling of grenades, rocket attacks, militant firings, arson, abductions etc. 17 incidents of hurling of grenades and 20 incidents of IED explosions have been registered in Jan this year as against 61 and 55 respectively during Jan 2001 and 13 incidents of hurling of grenades and 20 explosions in Jan 2000. Incidents of violence directed against police-security forces have gone up from 32 ( January 2001) to 84 during Jan this year. 93 of such incidents were registered in Jan 2000. The spokesman said that militants killed 80 civilians in Jan 2001 and 72 in Jan 2000. As against this 70 civilians have lost their lives at the hands of militants in Jan this year. Out of these 70 civilians, 9 have died as a result of cross firing between militants and security forces in crowded-inhabited places. Out of remaining 61 persons killed by militants in Jan this year, 44 are male, 9 female and 8 children. All the 8 children have lost their lives in firing by militants, 6 persons have died in explosions triggered by militants and one in grenade attack. In their continued anti-militancy fight, 35 police- security forces personnel have sacrificed their lives and 98 have sustained injuries in Jan this year. As against this, 26 police- security forces personnel in Jan 2000 and 38 in Jan 2001 laid down their lives in anti-militancy operations and the number of personnel injured was 53 and 93 respectively. The spokesman said that during Jan last year militants set ablaze 1829 Government-private assets which included burning of 6 school buildings, 7 houses of majority community, 5 houses of minority community, 7 Govt. buildings including a hospital, 13 business establishments, 3 cow sheds and 1788 timber scants. As compared to this colossal loss there has been a marginal damage to the government-public property by arson in Jan this year. Militants have burnt 71 assets during the last month. These include 50 houses of majority community, 8 houses of minority community, one school, one bridge, 2 other Government buildings, 2 business establishments and 7 cow sheds. Similarly the number of assets set on fire by militants in Jan 2000 was 100. Police-security forces have made a sizeable recovery of arms-ammunition during raids and anti-militancy operations. In Jan this year, 146 rifles of AK series with 436 magazines have been recovered as compared to 75 AK rifles with 216 magazines in January 2000 and 55 AK rifles with 152 magazines in Jan. last year. Six anti-tank mines were recovered- detected in January 2000, one in Jan last year and 14 in Jan this year. Likewise, 119 rifle grenades have been recovered during the last month as against 43 in Jan last year. Besides, 40 wireless sets, one tape recorder, one telephone set and 24 battery chargers have been recovered last month. 16 wireless sets in Jan 2000 and 27 in Jan 2001 were recovered from militants but there was no recovery in respect of telephone sets, tape recorders-radio sets and battery chargers. As regards recovery of explosive material, the spokesman said that 56 kgs of explosive material and 54 kgs of deadly RDX have been recovered in Jan this year whereas 84 kgs of explosive material and 57 kgs of RDX were recovered in Jan 2001 and 593 kgs of explosive material and 87 kgs of RDX in Jan 2000.


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